Friday, June 27, 2008

A True Story: Poem by baby Bro

Little baby Bro, bouncing in my chair,
Went for a trip - flying through the air!
Smacked my face on the kitchen floor.

Went to Johns Hopkins, all first class...
with sirens, lights, and an oxygen mask.
The stay wasn't long and I'm as HEALTHY AS CAN BE!
No more sittin' on the table for me!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why It Is Good to be a PACK RAT!!!!!

My family is known for our pack rat capabilities. So is this one! Keep up to date on this very interesting story as it unfolds in their blog spot here.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

How Big is Bro?

How big is Bro????

So big!!!!!!!!!

And now for your viewing pleasure...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Are Your Values?

"Values: Things that are important to you. Values help you decide how to behave. Your family, friends, faith, and experiences help you decide what your values are." In the Zone: Living Drug Free, Girl Scouts, 2002.

The activity below asked that the reader rate the values listed in the chart using the following scale: "1" equals the most important value on the list and "12" equals the least important value on the list.

Here is how Lulu rated the values:

Knowing Lulu, I thought that "talents" and "money" would be closer to the top of her list. I think that I would have scored a similar list. Cool, huh?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girl Scout Sash

Check out Lulu's Girl Scout sash. These are the badges that she earned this year. Note the lopsided Camp/tent badge hanging off of the left-hand side. I guess my sewing skills are not as good as my cake decorating skills.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Construction Man

Look at the new pic of Bro. He got this hat from the daycare that he will (most likely) be attending in the fall. The center is under construction now and they want pics of the babies in their hats. Is this too cute or what?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shoveling food into my face!

Check these out! Bulldozer utensils. Love it! Get them here!

Oyster Gardener

So, my budding environmentalist needed to do a service project for Girl Scouts to earn her bronze award. There's not a lot out there for such a small child to do that is very interesting... unless picking up trash at your local park is interesting to you. With the help of her grandfather, she selected a community service project sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation: becoming an oyster gardener. The idea is that they will grow baby oysters into bigger oysters and these oysters will be given back to CBF to be planted into the Chesapeake Bay. Oysters are good for the bay because they filter out lots of the junk (that's a technical term actually) in the bay. Nonetheless, last fall she and Papouli went to CBF and made cages to store baby oysters in. They put the oysters in cages at the end of the pier.

They (meaning Papouli) monitored the cages throughout the winter to make sure that they didn't get into the cold air. Apparently, oysters will die in cold air but NOT in cold water.

Finally, this June they took the oysters out of the water to clean the cages and return the oysters to CBF.

What a cool project, huh!!! I think that they are both committing to raising/growing more oysters next year!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lulu's Party

Celebrated Em's birthday this weekend. Went to Justice, a tween girl clothing store. They did the girls' hair and then the girls played Webkinz games and were awarded Kinzcash for their efforts. They had a blast. In the end, they were permitted to shop in the store with their Kinzcash. To clarify, the shopping was more a game of 'how much junk can I cram into one little goodie bag?' After that, we went to a local pizzaria for pizza (thanks Grandmommy) and cake. See this cake that I made. It is the Webkinz Wheel of Wow. You spin the Wheel of Wow (Wheel of Fortune style) to win prizes for your house. You can't see but I put little charms on the end of some ribbon and hid the charms under the cake. The ribbons are hanging from the sides. Each girl got to pull a ribbon and take home a charm. A good time was had by all and even little Bro stayed awake for the festivities!