Bucket List

I know I am crazy. I need a place to put this list. So, here it is.

1.  Sleep in a tree house.
2.  Volunteer in a soup kitchen.
3.  Start a charity.
4.  Bring the love of reading to children -- somehow, someway.
5.  Attend an Olympic event.
6.  Go on the honeymoon that keeps getting postponed.
7.  Visit Paris.
8.  Build a conservatory onto my house.
9.  Own a summer home.
10.  Learn to quilt.
11.  Make a pillowcase dress.
12.  Own a rare and very valuable book.
13.  Raise a duck.
14.  Keep bees.

15.  Grow a mammoth sunflower.
Completed August 2011.

16.  Build a doll house.
17.  Enter a county fair competition.
18.  Enter a cooking contest.
19.  Go to a TV show taping.
20.  Be on a reality show.  (Preferably one where they totally rehab my house -- one can only hope.)
21.  Write in a journal, everyday, for a year.
22.  Visit Falling Water
23.  Visit a vineyard.
24.  Visit Monticello.
25.  Tent camp with my children.
26.  Make madeleine cookies.
27.  Find 100 letterboxes.

28.  Taste the food of a television food celebrity (either visit a restaurant or go to a show taping).
Completed July 2011

29.  Be a tour guide.
30. Own a vintage library card catalog.  Display in my home.
31.  Visit Shakespeare's Globe
32.  Visit the Emily Dickinson Museum in MA.
33.  Sleep in a covered wagon at the Ingalls Homestead