Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Some of my family members received this "teaser" picture earlier in the month.

That is, Lulu took these parts to make her own Halloween costume.  These family members have been waiting patiently to see the final result.  {{Thank you for your patience!}} 


The goal was to make a costume based off of a character named, "Boo" in Monsters Inc (see inspirational pic below, on left).  The picture on the right is the only picture I have of the finished project.  {{sad face}}  Nonetheless, she loved the costume and all of her friends knew who she was.  WIN!  I am delighted that she made the whole thing herself... it gave me such joy to see her sitting at the kitchen table with a glue gun in her hand.  You know what they say... "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."  Right???

Another highlight of my life right now is... wait for it... my dehydrator.  Most recently I bought a mixed fruit bowl for a large family gathering and we never opened the bowl while we were there.  This left us with gobs of leftover fruit at home... and no one was motivated to dig into the fruit bowl. 

Guess what?  I cut it all up into small pieces and threw it in the dehydrator and my family INHALED it the very next morning.  This is great because (1) it didn't go to waste, (2) it will last for a very long time, and (3) the kids are still eating fruit without feeling like they are "eating fruit."  WIN!

I threw some fruit chips in their lunch containers, at their request.  Here is Bro's sandwich, crackers, and pineapple chip snacks!

I'll be making homemade apple chips for the third fall party this season.  They are always a hit, and I totally got my money's worth out of the dehydrator.  I love it when a good plan comes together like this!


SusieQ said...

I have used mine to do fruit.. but the main reason it came to live with us is to make beef jerky..

SusieQ said...

Love the costume, even though I never heard of Monsters Inc... She is very clever!