Thursday, October 24, 2013


We didn't have much success with the garden this year due to (1) the deer eating our stuff and (2) then we weren't motivated to water what was left of the garden.  Some little carrots did manage to survive and the kids picked them this week.  

Here's a picture of Bro's little snack pack he takes to school.  I pack two separate food bags for him:  (1) snack and (2) lunch.  Since lunch is not until 1:20, the kids eat snack in the classroom each day.  Here is his little snack on the day he took his carrots.  He was so darn proud of these carrots! 

Carrots; ranch dressing; orange-yogurt covered pretzels; and peanut, butter, and jelly mini-sandwich.
Speaking of lunch, I had to make this little chart (below) and put it the cabinet so I can pull it out when I make lunches.  It never fails that once a week I am sending one kid to school with a lunch item that he/she does not like.  Hopefully, this will avoid the confusion.  I'm not so concerned about Bri since her school offers snack to the kids (but she insists that I pack her her own snack), but there are no other options for Bro.

Here is my preliminary list for your viewing pleasure.  If it's blank, then they don't like that snack.  

I'm sure I will be adding to this list as time goes on.

Do you have any other lunch tips I need to know about???


Mrs. Bird said...

Oh lunches....this year we are a "nut free" school. Poor Brooklyn LOVES PB and J but thankfully understands, due to her own anaphalactic allergies. I have no suggestions, just thought I'd say hi :)

T.J. said...

I have one year left to escape that, then it will get crazy. List sounds like a good idea!

Hey- Bee sounds like she had such a fabulous time at the library star wars event- those pictures are priceless!!!!!