Friday, October 11, 2013

What I'm Loving?

Sometimes I am so easy to please {{emphasis on sometimes}}...

Many folks in my State were upgraded to this new recycling can (see below).  It is (1) extremely large, (2) on wheels, and (3) with a lid.

What does a girl have to do to get one of these cans?  Really?  They gave them out for a pilot project years and years ago... and it must have gone well because they have been rolling them out ever since... but NOT in my neighborhood.  My husband goes to the dump... like... a few times a week... every single week... for years.  They know him by name... and he knows THEM!  But, they cannot issue him an upgraded recycling can.  This is beyond crazy!

Well, everyone in my neighborhood had one of these shiny new bins when I got home the other day!


It's the little things folks. 


Moving on.

Dishwasher Troubles

We have dishwasher troubles in my house.  That is, we (Dear Husband and I) cannot agree on when to run the dishwasher.  At what point do you know that it is time to run the dishwasher?

Dear Husband's system:  Run the dishwasher when it is so very full that you could not even slide one more knife into the tray or on the rack... it has to be filled to the rim.  If there is any room at all for any type of dish or utensil, then you wait until you have dirtied that dish/utensil and placed it in the dishwasher.  Never ever... under any circumstances... run the dishwasher until it is filled to the top.

Mommy's system:  Run the dishwasher when (A) you start running out of certain types of dishes and (B) the dishwasher is at least 3/4 full.  Both A and B have to be present.  In all reality, this is what happens... we run out of spoons, or spatulas, or knives... and I am in the kitchen on a busy weekday morning and someone {{Dear Husband}} filled the dishwasher with the last of certain dishes but did not RUN the dishwasher.  So, that leaves me to pull old and crusty dishes from the dishwasher and clean them and dry them (on a busy weekday morning) so that I can start to prepare breakfast for the day.  IT IS MADDENING!  JUST-RUN-THE-DISHWASHER!

You may be asking yourself, "Napmom - why don't you just run the dishwasher yourself?"
Answer:  I cannot do that because Dear Husband will hear it and run over and either (1) stop it or (2) give me his I'm-irritated-because-you-waste-money look. 

However, the answer to my prayers is upon us my friends.

We upgraded our dishwasher to a used model that someone was giving away.  And, look at the luxury feature on this new model... look closely... it is a "delay" feature.  I can "delay" the start of the dishwasher for a time later in the day when he will not be home! WHOA!!!!!!!

So, one random morning this week I set the "delay" for 2-hours later... and, yes, I took a picture of it for ya!!!  I came home to clean dishes and put them away and Dear Husband has NO IDEA that I ran the dishwasher when it was only mostly full!  And, I had plenty of clean dishes to use for breakfast the next morning! LAAAAAA!!!!

It's the little things folks!

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Mrs. Bird said...

Lol! We fight over that too ;)