Monday, June 9, 2008

Lulu's Party

Celebrated Em's birthday this weekend. Went to Justice, a tween girl clothing store. They did the girls' hair and then the girls played Webkinz games and were awarded Kinzcash for their efforts. They had a blast. In the end, they were permitted to shop in the store with their Kinzcash. To clarify, the shopping was more a game of 'how much junk can I cram into one little goodie bag?' After that, we went to a local pizzaria for pizza (thanks Grandmommy) and cake. See this cake that I made. It is the Webkinz Wheel of Wow. You spin the Wheel of Wow (Wheel of Fortune style) to win prizes for your house. You can't see but I put little charms on the end of some ribbon and hid the charms under the cake. The ribbons are hanging from the sides. Each girl got to pull a ribbon and take home a charm. A good time was had by all and even little Bro stayed awake for the festivities!

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