Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is the summer of the carrots, of course.

I might have mentioned a certain little boy...

who happily announces every night that The Carrot Seed is his favorite book.

Have I mentioned this little boy before?

Well, he finally pulled up a carrot.  I wish that I had taken video, but the pictures might be even better.

You see, here is the correct way to pull up a carrot... if, you are a preschooler.

Check your carrots to see if they have grown. 

When you notice some growth, try to be patient and leave the carrot to grow some more.

If that doesn't work, pull the carrot with all of your might.

Give it every bit of muscle that you have.

Announce, "That's a BIG carrot, as you fall back into the grass!"

Examine your carrot with all of the seriousness of a great scientist.

Yes, growing carrots is very serious business in my house.

He immediately ran into the house and washed his carrot himself.

Later, Mommy was reprimanded for cutting the carrot into sticks.  Apparently, someone wanted to eat it whole. Oh -- now I know.

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1 comment:

T.J. said...

Look at his face!!!! What a super cool experience for him and now he's just like the cutie in the Krauss book ;)