Tuesday, June 7, 2011

13 Revisited

We did it!

We survived a 13th birthday party!

Guess what?  I didn't cry!

I don't have too many pics to share because most of the pictures involved kids, other than mine, and in bathing suits.

There is some stuff I can share.

That is:

The Justin Bieber decor rocked!

We had lots of food... um... and Bro insisted that he eat in his regular spot, which was a tad bit crowded -- ya think?

Someone made these cute mini-burgers cookies. 

We kept the presents out of reach of Brielle.

We went crazy about the cake that Lulu designed!  (ahem... not made by me)

And Lulu blew out her candles.

Even better... the girls were in their sleeping bags and asleep by 11:30.  By all accounts, it was a very busy day.  Perhaps Friday-night sleepovers are the best -- the kids are so tired from being at school all week. 

Have you had successful Friday-night sleepovers?

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Fairy Grandmother said...

What a great party...and a beautiful cake...we had a wonderful time! xo