Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bargain Bug!

Yay! More thrifty shopping! I have the thrifty shopping bug. I hope you don’t mind.

Keep in mind that when I thrifty shop I only buy things we need and already use.

Today’s find? Rash guard swim shirts from Land’s End. These are the swim shirts that the kids wear over their bathing suits to keep the sun off of their skin. Tip: Buy the shirt a size larger than necessary. Rash guard shirts seem to run small anyway and they are even harder to get on and off when they are both small and wet. Buy a larger size and you won’t be disappointed.

Here is what I ordered. The before and after prices are listed together.

1 rash guard shirt for Bri: $24.50 for $4.99
1 dress for Bri: $34.50 for $9.99
1 rash guard shirt for Bri: $24.50 for $4.99
1 rash guard shirt for Bro: $19.50 for $6.99
1 pants for me: $49.50 for $24.99

Total Price Could Have Been: 152.50 + 13.00 shipping = 165.50

Subtotal was: $51.95 + $13.00 Shipping = $64.95

However, I had a promo code for 25% off and Free shipping.  Thanks Money Saving Mom!

Final Price: $41.27 shipped CHA-CHING!

I found this deal from Money Saving Mom.  You can also follow her on facebook.
What blogs are you following to find deals?

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SusieQ said...

Good for you! You need to keep up that mindset... You'll save a lot over the years.. And teach Lulu how to do it!