Thursday, September 22, 2011

Play Dough

I'm not one to make cookies. They are way too time consuming in my opinion.

And I certainly do not make cookie cutter cookies.

So, I don't know what possessed me to make some bee, dinosaur, and apple cookies for back-to-school for my kids.  I did.

Bro really got into it.  He begs and begs to make cookies.

Instead of making cookies everyday, I remembered a play dough recipe that I saw online and we made some at home.

It turned out great. 

Since fall is here, I even added cinnamon to bring out the sense of apple pie.  It was such a hit -- it smells so good!

Every time we get out the play dough we have to get out all of the materials to go along with cookies.  Bro always asks for sprinkles and I always say "no" of course. 

Finally, I gave in.  Who cares?  Just let him add sprinkles!

See the large blue water bottle?  It is a "rolling pin," mkay?

Oh-oh.  What's going on here?

Oh - we are eating sprinkles now?  Hmmm... Don't you know that you are supposed to do that when Mommy isn't looking?


What did we do with the play dough now that it has sprinkles in it?  Well, we balled it back up and put it in it's container. I'll let you know how it turns out when we take it out to play with it again.

Gift Idea:  You know, a play dough bin would be a great gift for a kid that is hard to buy for.  I found a play dough bin example here.  What do you think?

What would you do?
Do you let your kids put sprinkles in the play dough or not?

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SusieQ said...

I didn't remember cooking the play dough, but looked up my recipe and I did.. also put food coloring in before cooking. The other ingredients were the same but different amounts. And my girls (guess who?) decided to make pancakes one day and (unknown to me) put some in the broiler pan in my oven.. The next time I used the oven we had this AWFUL stink.... It was real fjn to clean up!