Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Martini

More notes from the Pumpkin Pantry!

You KNOW I have a pumpkin passion.  Yum!  Over the weekend, Dear Husband and I took a few days to celebrate our anniversary.  During that time, we went to a great dinner overlooking some very quiet views...

and a little bit of a sunset over the clouds.

When the waitress took our drink order, she mentioned their signature Pumpkin Martini!


Did she say Pumpkin Martini???

She did!  It was great! 

Here is their recipe:

     Equal portions of:

     Fulton's Harvest pumpkin liqueur

     Vanilla Vodka

     Bailey's Irish Creme

Tip:  The bartender recommended putting in a splash less vodka and a splash more of the pumpkin liqueur than the recipe calls for.

Are you enjoying
pumpkin recipes this fall?


SusieQ said...

Better you than me.. That just does not sound good. Of course, I don't care for martinis! Now if you find a pumpkin marguarita I might be interested!

Fairy Grandmother said...

I love pumpkin too...the martini looks great!

T.J. said...

gotta get my hands on that liqueur!!!