Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch


Our annual family trek to the pumpkin patch had its highs and lows this year.

I like the annual visit to the pumpkin patch because:
1.  this is where I get some of my most favorite pictures of the kids;
2. everyone (little ones, teen, and parents) is guaranteed to have a great time;
3.  it's cheap inexpensive (the only cost is the pumpkins); and
4. it is one of our last opportunities to have fun outside before it really starts to get cold.

Let's recap our 2011 visit.

Goal 1.  Get a great family picture.  FAIL.  See evidence below.

Goal 2.  Pretend to live in a pumpkin house.  FAIL.

Goal 2 has now been changed to:
Plank in the pumpkin house windows.  SUCCESS.

Goal 3.  Pick the perfect pumpkin.  SUCCESS!

Goal 4.  Have fun pushing wagon.  SUCCESS!

OK... so they weren't into taking pictures this year.  That's cool too.  Maybe next year.

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