Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday you heard all about my kids' Valentine's Day.

Now you want the husband update - right?

This is a great story!

First, let's establish the fact that he and I give each other gifts for our birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and our anniversary.  To be honest, I am trying to remember if he gave me a Mother's Day gift or if I gave him something for Father's Day.   

This is a mutual agreement of not exchanging gifts.

However, I always have a card for him and he usually has a card for me.  I always have a card for him because one time {{and only one time}} he had a card for me and I did not have one for him.  I felt horrible.  In the future, I will ALWAYS have a card for him.  For the record, I don't mind if he doesn't have a card for me.  Why?  Because his presence is my present.  I don't want him to buy me anything... I want him to be present with me... and with the kids... creating the types of memories that last a lifetime.  I'm NOT kidding folks. 

In fact, I think that I am going to tell him... "From now on... your presence is your present.  Mkay?"

Well, this past Valentine's Day I got him a card.  And he didn't get me anything... but I was all like... "honey, where's my gift? hahahahaha."  And, he got the biggest grin on his face... like he was hiding the best gift ever... and he said... "Well, I was going to bring home these Christmas lights I found today.  They are in the house {{that he is rehabbing}} and... THEY ALL WORK!"

He was so excited and he went so far as to run to the computer and pull up this picture of the basement in the aforementioned house.

It was like he found a real treasure.  He was so proud of himself. 

"They all work honey.  They all work!"

To be honest, we spent the evening opening Valentines with the little ones and he even volunteered to pick up Lulu from cheer practice for me.  Really - what more could I want????  Nothing more.

What is the craziest Valentine gift you ever received? 


T.J. said...

wait, I didn't know Tyra wrote a book?! Lulu will have to report on it!!

Love the lights story- that is a classic :) We usually follow the same strategy as you do, but this year, Champ surprised me and booked me a haircut (much needed!) for valentine's day. It was so sweet and so very thoughtful of him and something i would have never done for myself!

SusieQ said...

I have read this so many times and enjoyed it every time.. so funny!!