Thursday, March 28, 2013


Wow!  Things are kinda dusty around here... not very much activity lately.

Nonetheless, let's see if we remember how to do this blog thing shall we?

Oh yes - look... pictures!

So, after we fostered a chicken for Easter last year, I really wanted to try a chicken-friendly egg option this Easter.  I invested in some ceramic eggs.  Here they are in a little vase thingy in our living room.  I am very eager to dye them and keep them from year to year.

Our dog passed away on Super Bowl Sunday.  Dear Husband and little Bro were devastated for quite awhile and Mommy gave in and let the family get a cat.  His name is Tica (pronounced tee-kuh).  This is a family name that runs in my husbands family.  hahahaha!  That is, all of the male cats from his childhood had the name Tica.  Yes, it taken from the acronym for the organization - The International Cat Association.  Yes, we named our cat after a cat association.  Not MY idea. Cool?  

Tica and Bro are best buds.  Here is a pic of Bro playing his video game (yes, I am the bad parent who lets her preschooler play video games) with Tica tucked gently behind him.  Don't judge!

Finally, we have been going to church a lot lately and incorporating Christian messages into our home.  Be on the lookout for crafts that come home from Sunday School because we get really excited about everything we are learning about Jesus.

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday.  Here are the palm leaves that we made in Sunday School.  Bri made the square leaf and Bro made the light green leaf.  I made the other two.

We hung them in the kids' room.  I already need to update this picture because Bro made a sequin cross at Kids Club which we added to the mix.

So, it feels great to be back.  While I have enjoyed the time with my family and resting with Jesus over the past few months year, I hope to keep blogging and putting to words the events of our crazy lives!

Thanks for your patience!!!!!

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