Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Day Before Easter

We are just finishing up a wonderful day.

Woke up.

Went to an Easter event at my church:  bouncy house, horse rides, story time, egg hunts every 15 minutes, and so on.  The kids had a blast!

Went to the local bakery to pick up a honey oat bunny bread for tomorrow.

Dyed "eggs."

Bought Bro some soccer shoes and shin guards.  His first practice and game is THIS week.  What?  

You might remember that we fostered a pet chicken last year and dyeing eggs with a chicken in the family was a bit awkward to say the least.

Nonetheless, I made good on my promise to find a more humane alternative to dyeing real eggs and purchased two dozen eggnots.

They look and feel like real eggs.

They last forever - so I could display them on my cabinet for the entire month of March without the fear that hey would spoil.

We finally got around to dying them at 5:00 the night before Easter.  Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute, ya know???

Bro immediately started with a two-toned egg.

Even though Bri was so gently with the eggs, she didn't need to be because these eggs are totally kid friendly!

The kids even used the stencils that Fairy Grandmother gave us.  It worked like a charm.

I might even go so far as to say that these eggs hold color better than real eggs.  The markers were great and I am looking forward to using some more techniques next year.

Here is the cabinet in our living room.  The baskets are waiting for the bunny to come fill them and the gift bags are gifts from Fairy Grandmother to the kiddos – Bri already opened her gift , a swimsuit.

And, as some of you know, we are trying to be more Christ-centered in our home.  Thus, the kids made these crosses at church and they are sitting by the tulips at the front door.

Much love to you all this holiday season!  I'll have pics of the baskets soon!

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T.J. said...

yay! Good to read I mean "see" you again ;). I've never heard of those easter eggs, but they sound quite cool and look gorgeous.

Lovely to hear about your Easter :)