Thursday, January 20, 2011

Counting Down to a Birthday

I am very excited for Bro's birthday tomorrow and he is too!  Today, he is sick at home with Daddy so let's hope that he feels better tomorrow.  I know he will!

I am most sad that his birthday falls during a very busy time at work for me.  No one is granted any leave from mid-Jan to mid-April unless it is an emergency.  Thus, I will miss his school party.  Luckily, one Fairy Grandmother is here and able to attend the festivities in my absence.  I do not know what I would do if I didn't have her!

It was great to snatch Brody from the house on a mother-and-son trip to get his cupcake supplies.  He was so excited for just the two of us to pick out his special cupcake supplies.  It was nice to be alone with him for a change.

He picked out Toy Story toppers for his cupcakes, along with Toy Story plates and napkins. 

The cupcake wrapper has trucks and cars on it! AH... life with a little boy!

I had to purchase the tickets to the Monster Jam because I accidentally mentioned Monster Jam in the car one day when I was talking to Lulu while Bro was sitting in the back.  I finally remembered he was back there when I heard a little voice say, "What?  What's that mom?  What's that about Monster Jam for a birthday?  Did you say that mom?  What?  Did you say Monster Jam?  Huh, Mom?  Did you say that?"  Oh - I was soooooooo busted.

I finished shopping for his birthday gifts.  We didn't really get him much since the Monster Jam tickets are his main gift.  However, he saw this pack of Monster Jam trucks in the grocery store (of all places) that he was just drooling over!

After all of this, he is still asking for a butterfly birthday cake!  tee hee hee!  Can you believe it?

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Fairy Grandmother said...

I can't wait to share some special birthday time with Brody tomorrow! I am sooooo excited!! Maybe as much as he is! xo