Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I am really having a battle with Bro in the morning when it is time to get out of his pajamas; he doesn't want to take them off.  The battle has escalated over the past few months (some days are better than others - i.e., the days he gets to wear his Iron Man or pirate shirts).  But lately, these battles end in taking away his morning TV and/or a time out... along with his whining, crying, and/or yelling, depending on the day.

This morning, he was sent to time out.  After he calmed down, I went into his room and sat down on the floor next to him and explained, in preschool terms, that we must get dressed for our day in the morning.

He explained that he likes to keep his pajamas on because they are warm and comfortable.  {{We can all understand and appreciate wanting to stay in our jammies all day long, right?}}

I offered up this compromise:

Every evening, in lieu of wearing jammies, I'll send him to bed dressed in the clothes that he is going to wear the next day.  Then, when he wakes up in the morning, he will already be dressed, warm, cozy, and ready for the day.

How do I really feel about this compromise?

I tend to think that this is a bad idea.  Educators are telling parents that constant negotiating at home is why teachers are having such a hard time with kids in school... because these kids think that everything can be negotiated.  When the teachers set boundaries and limits, the kids try to negotiate for different terms, which is maddening. 

I once had a friend who warmed his daughter's clothes in the oven every morning.  {{I'm not kidding.}}

Want to read another opinion on negotiating with children?  Check out How to Negotiate with Children from  Their main point is:  "How do you allow children to negotiate with adults, without allowing them to become obnoxious little princes and princesses who feel the kingdom is entitled to them?"

Either way, the morning battle is draining {{welcome to parenthood, I know}} and I might be taking the easy way out but I'm desperate. 

I am open to any other suggestions that you might have.
Bring it on!

In other news, unbeknownst to me, that pretty flowering tree in my backyard is a lilac bush/tree.  You can clip the blooms and bring them inside and they look great almost anywhere.  Of course, I have to put them up high to keep them away from Godzilla Baby Bee.  Maybe I can buy a proper vase with my birthday money.  Ya think? 


Mrs. Bird said...

Lol. What a cutie! I was going to suggest sending him to bed in his clothes when I read the little excerpt through my reader...however, I see your point from teacher point of view. Maybe you could throw them in the dryer for a few minutes each morning so they're warm?

I love lilacs, but I would DIE to have them in my house....ugh, allergies!

Fairy Grandmother said...

Oh my...Mrs. Bird's idea about throwing them in the dryer is a good idea! I was wondering if Bro wanted to sleep in his clothes...I know they are not as comfortable as his jammies...oh and I have lots of you want one or two? ♥