Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's Go Caps!

Last night, the Capitals hockey team was in the final game of a 7-game series. 

Of course, I tried to capture a cute picture of the kids in their jerseys {{yes, for facebook}}.  I have to bribe them to take their picture you know? 
Today's reward?  Play time. 
"You let me take your picture and you can play outside, okay?"  "Okay!"

Sorry - these were taken with my phone.  I thought it would be too much to ask if I could go get my real camera first.

Here is picture #1.  I thought we could do better.

They both decided to stand up and scream. So, I asked them to sit down.

When I asked them to sit down, I got this blurry action shot.

When I asked them to be still, Bri stood up and danced.

Since Bri stood up and danced, Bro had to do it too.

Finally, Bri was dancing and Bro was totally mocking her.  Look at that face, would ya? {{Your sister does not look like that.}}

So, I uploaded the original photo to facebook.

Bri wanted to show the world her climbing skills and asked me to take a picture of her at the top of the ladder leading to the monkey bars.  Yes, she climbs up there all by herself. 

I asked Bro if I could take his picture and he stated, "I don't look at cameras."
"What do you mean you don't look at cameras?"
"You heard me.  I don't look at cameras.  You can take the picture if you want to but I'm not looking."

The good news is that the Caps won their game,
so we can show off our team spirit again.

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