Monday, April 16, 2012

How I Spent My Birthday Weekend

Wow!  A mid-April birthday is not always that pleasant. 

In fact, here is the weather analysis for my location over the past 15 years.

The temperature typically varies from 51°F to 64°F and is rarely below 43°F or above 77°F.

The coolest hours of the day are from 2am to 9am with the coldest at 7am, at which time the temperature is below 56°F three days out of four.

The warmest hours of the day are from 1pm to 7pm with the hottest at 4pm, at which time the temperature is above 56°F three days out of four.

The day has gained half its heat by 11am and lost it again by 11pm.

Emphasis on "Rarely above 77 degrees."  To be honest, we had an ice emergency on my birthday one year.  It was so cold and dark and dreary and it was sleeting.  Awful!  April showers really do bring May flowers... which is a bummer for those of us with April birthdays.

This weekend, however, was gorgeous!!!!!  Sing it with me now... gorgeous!

Here are the highlights:

Bri got her first haircut.

I wasn't so sure she would sit still... or sit at all (and she is standing in this picture) but she was begging to get back into her car by the time we were finished.  Bribing with lollipops really helps.  :-)

Saturday morning we took Nugget home to be with her family.  It was great to see all of the chicks together again and to share experiences with the other families.  Nugget is not pictured in the picture below, but this is the environment where she will live out the rest of her life.  Picturesque, isn't it?  Seriously - I want to move to this farm.

No sooner did we pull out of the driveway but the kids were asking, "Mom can we got to Chick-fil-a and get some lunch?"  Really?  Who can even think about chicken at a time like this? 

Later, I napped while Dear Husband started working on my birthday present (a little free library).  Yay!

Saturday night Lulu and I went to see the Hunger Games movie.  AMAZING?  Yes.  The movie really captured the spirit of the book.  After reading the book book a second time, I started to get worried about how some parts would come across on screen.  Mainly, her feelings about some of the most important relationships in her life are in her head.  Thus, unless she is constantly thinking out loud, how would you know how she really feels about Gale, Peeta, and Rhue.  The film did a great job of covering these areas.  Really - I couldn't have asked for anything more and it was worth the wait. 

Sunday, it was my turn in the volunteer rotation to volunteer in a Sunday School classroom.  To volunteer, you show up on your assigned date and time and see where they need help.  Often, they need help in the infant room.  I've had more than enough experience holding babies over the past few years.  The infant room is my least favorite place to volunteer.  The ratio is one volunteer for every 2-3 babies.  Ever wonder what it's like to parent twins or triplets?  Not fun.  Luckily, I was assigned a space in the 2nd-3rd grade room.  Oh hello!!!!  Hold me back!  I loved these kids.  I loved their ideas, the activities, the program in general.  I can totally see myself volunteering in this position - totally. 

However, I have one hesitation about teaching Sunday School.  Timing.  The great thing about this church is that Sunday School happens at the same time as adult worship.  So all of the kids go to Sunday School while I go to church.  If I taught Sunday School, then I would either (1) miss worship so I could teach or (2) teach during one service and then attend worship during the second service, which means that my kids would also be in Sunday School during both services.  For a variety of reasons, I am not open to staying at church for half of the day.  I know that spending time at church is rewarding, but my family also has other needs and I don't know that spending that much time at church is the correct balance for us at this time. So, I need to give the Sunday School thing some more thought. sigh.

After church we had lunch at a local restaurant and Bro tried clams for the first time.  He's been asking to eat clams for quite some time now. 

The great thing about clams is that they are a hand-on food experience which he really enjoyed.

And the great thing about having lunch at a crab house is that you can get as messy as you want to and no one cares. Just sayin'.

Finally, as promised, I took Lulu to the Verizon store so she could pick out the new phone that she wants for her birthday.  We couldn't pass up some down time at the local coffee shop. 

AH, it was the best of times!

What's the weather like on your birthday?


SusieQ said...

I don't have to look it up.. it is HOT on my birthday!

Don't the adults have a bible class at that church? I could never walk in cold on Sunday morning and teach.. I need to go through the lesson during the week first...

Do all you folks get new phones at regular intervals? I guess we're odd.. we wait until ours wears out, breaks, or gets lost (only once!). Ricky's phone looks like the calvary ran their horses across it.. but it keeps on working!

SusieQ said...
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T.J. said...

BLAAAAAAAAHHHHH what a fun fun post! My head is swimming! Ok, first off I got completely off track because I had to go find out what a little free library was and then I squealed with delight because that is so cool and it is beyond cool that you are setting one up- a homemade one for your birthday!!! And then Hunger games review- so glad to hear as those were my concerns too and I am so dying to see it and the the clams. I get along great with families who eat clams ;)

Phew, Ok I'll calm down and wish you a happy birthday now. April birthdays are all the rage- Champ's was this month too!

and PS- I am so going to blog about little free libraries and send people this way because that is the coolest concept ever!!!!

Nap Mom said...

SusieQ - There are plenty of opportunities for Bible Study at this church.

1. Every Sunday they offer an early and late church service. The early service is church ONLY. The late section is either church or Bible Study (there are several choices).

2. They also have Bible Study opportunities on Wednesday nights. Instead of a formal Bible Study, I go to my mom's group, which uses the teachings of the Bible to guide us on our parenting journey.

Phones - we get new phones as needed. We are eligible for discounted upgrades every two years. Maybe we are just hard on our phones. I have needed a new phone every two years. The last one died on me -- horrible experience. This one has its glitches and has already been replaced under warranty. It is dying again.

Lulu does not need a phone but she wants one. She is eligible for the upgrade. Thus, she is collecting money, for her birthday, that she can use towards a new phone and accessories.

Fairy Grandmother said...

It looks like you had a great birthday...I was so very happy to share it with you!! I love your pictures!