Saturday, September 21, 2013

Family Time

Oh my goodness.  Lulu has been asking to go to the Rennaissance Festival with us for a few years now and we finally made a point to go.  A great and fabulous time was had by all.  I wish I had more pictures to share, but I was enjoying living in the moment... so these will have to do.

We ate great food and watched fab shows.  Lulu really enjoyed the final show featuring the King and Queen since she had been looking for them in the crowd all day long.  Bee's favorite act was the "Wheel of Death" - no, I'm not kidding.

We arrived in the middle of the day and closed the place down.  However, Daddy has been eyeing this strong man challenge during our last few visists, but he's never tried it out.  Folks - I have seen some very beefy and macho men step up the the challenge and then never hit the thing hard enough to make it ring the bell.  It's embarrassing.


Nonetheless, Daddy decided to give it a try and, unbeknownst to me, had plans to win keepsake prize necklaces for each kid.  That means, he had to reach the desired achievement level three seperate times to get a necklace for each kid.  GULP! 

Whoa - ladies... when you see your man step up the the strong man challenge and totally BLOW it AWAY while your kids are watching... well, that, my friends, can melt a woman's heart.  
He came back with necklaces for two kids and then so very nonchalently turned to our teen and asked if she wanted one too.  She politely declined.  LOL!  I was shocked that he so easily rang the bell, but he said, "Mommy - I chop my own wood.  This is easy.  Next time you will need to spot me a $100 bill so I can really impress you."  LOL!  I guess we'd better start saving.

Today, I am volunteering at the beer garden at the Ren Fest as part of a fundraiser for Lulu's school.  We have 16 volunteers from the school and I guess we will be serving ujp beer all day long... and then the school keeps part of ths profits??? I'm not quite sure how that works. 

Here's to family fun!!!!

Talk to you soon,

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