Friday, September 20, 2013


Whoa!  I have three kids in three schools in two different parts of the county and no one can take a bus.  Thus, Daddy chauffers in the morning and Mommy gets the afternoon shift.  How long is the commute?  Well, it goes something like this:  leave my office, walk to car (a block away), drive to get Bee, go in and gather her and her stuff, get in car, drive to get Lulu, wait for her to get to me (depending on her commitment, this could be a 15-minute wait), drive to get Bro, get in and get bro and his gear, drive home.  All in all, this takes an hour and 45 minutes.  Many days, Fairy Grandmother (who lives very close to me), will get Bro.  This saves me 45 minutes.  SWEET!

The evening consists of unpacking and cleaning lunch containers, cooking and cleaning up from dinner, and prepping for the following day. 

Look at the picture below.  Do you see the large mound of dishes?  I am not kidding you when I tell you that this pile mostly consists of:  containers from their lunches and a few items from preppring dinner. 

Folks - our dinner consisted of spinach dip, leftover pizza, carrots, and edamame.  So, what this really means is that... most of this pile is JUST the pile from their lunches.  On the nights that I cook a real dinner, this pile is twice as large.

Is anyone else shocked by this?  Thank goodness I only have lunches for two of the three kids.  I am partly tempted to just go with disposable storage (juice boxes and baggies) but I just cannot bring myself to create that much trash every single day.  Ugh!

See - I told you... look at this dinner. 


Funny story.  See those edamames up there?  Edamame is pronounced "eda-mommy" but Bee calls them "eda-mommas" instead of "mommy" and for some reason I think this is adorable.  When she is really showing off, she will call them "eda-daddas."  BWAAAAA!

Yes, I know you want to know how school is going.  Well, Bro loves his teacher and his new friends and learning, but he is having a hard time transitioning in the morning.

I had to send this note to the principal today:

Dear {{Principal}}: 
Thank you for taking my call this morning. My concern is that my new Kindergartener, {{Bro}}, is have a difficult time transitioning to school in the morning. He has a great time during school and he loves his teachers and the new friends he is meeting, but this morning transition is difficult for him.

{{Bro}} comes from a preschool environment and it has been his habit to watch Daddy drive away and wave to Daddy from his classroom window every morning. After Kindergarten orientation, last Spring, {{Bro's}} only concern was, "Will there be a place to wave good-bye?" This Fall, we were putting {{Bro}} on the bus and this was NOT working for him at all. Thus, we moved to driving him to school and letting him wave good-bye to Daddy. Finally, we were making some progress and he is tear-free 50% of the time. Nonetheless, this morning, he was rushed into the building and was not permitted to wave as Daddy drove away, and {{Bro}} had the biggest melt down yet. I respect that you are responsible for tons of kids... I do. I respect that you have to watch for not only the safety of Brody but also the safety of every kid in the school. I respect that each child is a precious gift and "kids + cars = bad combination." However, is there any way that {{Bro}} can be permitted to wave to Daddy as he pulls away before entering the building? I really feel that giving {{Bro}} an opportunity to wave good-bye would be extremely helpful. Any help you can provide, or suggestions you may have, is greatly appreciated.

Sigh - yes, this transition has been hard.  I cannot begin to tell you how this breaks my heart.  We rewarded him  for keeping up with school evevn though it seems "scary" (his words) by taking him to the LEGO store this weekend.  He picked out some Star Wars LEGO sets.  Why the sudden fascination with Star Wars???
He said that Bee should be permitted to get something too (yes, HIS suggestion) so she picked out some bricks and three people, which she made herself. 

"I made this wall for my brother's Star Wars set Mom!" said the sweetest sister ever!
Bro is not the only kid in our home transitioning to a new school this year.  There is still more to come!

Stay tuned!

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