Thursday, July 16, 2009


What should I do?

Should I back blog (and share all of things that we haven't been talking about because I've just been taking some time for myself)?

• Because what you didn't know was that I cut the comb-over on the top of Bro's head and had to take him to get his first (impromptu) haircut because I messed it up.

• We went out on the boat again, with Luvs2Boat.

• We ate some good ol' Maryland hard crabs for July 4! By "we" I mean that Dear Husband ate the hard crabs. Bro actually got sick that night and, of course, he only wants mommy to hold him when he is sick. Eating hard crabs = a two handed exercise. Oh well!

• I bought Bro the cutest Charlie Brown shirt, but he refused to let me get a cute picture of it. I was hoping that he would just quickly turn around and flash some sort of cute smile.

Alas, this was the best that I got.

• We went to our family reunion. Bro and cousin J played all day long. Look at these cute best friends.

Instead of rehashing the past few weeks, I could let you know that I have (kinda) started a new exercise program.

Look guys, let's be honest here. I have a desk job. It is my job to sit on my butt all day long. Working exercise into my regular day is hard. I'm NOT trying to make excuses for myself, but there is no time to workout during my workday (obviously) and I'm not gonna put my kids in daycare all day long to come home and drag them to ANOTHER daycare so I can get some exercise. I'm just NOT gonna do it. My HEART won't let me do it. Don't even think about suggesting it.

So, I have to exercise before I go to work in the morning or when I am dog ass tired in the evening. Ideally, I'd like to just go running for 30-45 minutes a day... somehow.

I decided to go running in the morning. Get up at 6:00. Run until 6:30. Start my day.

Day 1 - was okay. I got my butt out of bed (15 minutes later than I wanted to), put on my shoes and headed out the door... when the chilly morning air slapped me across the face. Note to self: I don't think that this is gonna work too well. I'm not being pessimistic - this is just pure honesty here.

Day 2 - Didn't get up to run. Thought about it. Was tired from staying up until 12:30 a.m. the night before reading The Sugar House a mystery by Laura Lippman (local author). Obviously the book was very good. I don't even like mysteries that much. I think that this one kept my attention because I had to giggle (inside my head) about all of the little political jokes and innuendos in the story.

Day 3 (that's tomorrow) I hope that I'll be better.

Somethings gotta give - I can't be sedentary for the rest of my life.

For all of the moms who work out of the home... how do you fit exercise into your daily life? What is your secret?????

Coming Soon: We finally opened Junior Saver accounts for the kids.


SusieQ said...

I love the Charlie Brown shirt.. Of course, Peanuts is my favorite comic! Keep working on that picture..
Maybe someday a treadmill will move in to live at your house.. Then you can "tread" and read at the same time.. It is amazing what a treadmill can tell you about yourself without ever uttering a word!!

Nap Mom said...

I had a treadmill. Our neighbor was giving hers away because she never used it. I used it maybe a handful of times. I do like to exercise, I just don't have the time. There is not time to exercise between 6:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. So, I have to exercise outside of those hours... or think of something.

Katelyn said...

It's hard to maintain activity and work. I don't really have a "desk job" but I know it's hard to go out and run after day of work, dinner, kids, etc...I don't have any grand advice, sorry.