Friday, July 10, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

Yippee! I know I haven't posted videos in awhile, but I do take video actually.

Here are two videos from a recent trip out on Luvs2Boat's ski boat. Sooooo fun!

Disclaimer: These will only be interesting for those who really know me.

Disclaimer #2: It is very difficult to record on a moving ski boat. I did the best that I could.

When we pull Lulu behind the ski boat, Bro relaxes in my lap, as seen here.

Lulu's favorite part about being pulled behind the boat is "falling" off of her float. Here, she is kneeling on the tube, taunting/daring Luvs2Boat to knock her off of her float.

Note: :-) I tried something different and I saved the videos in a "for e-mail use" format which was supposed to make them easier to upload and e-mail. Alas, it looks like it ruined the quality a bit too. So, I'll never do that again!

Ta Ta For Now!


ms. mindless said...

he is huge! and so cute!

SusieQ said...

Doesn't look like he is relaxing.. looks like you are vibrating his insides out!!
Love the videos.. That reminds me of waaaaay back when our game was your grandfather try to throw my off the water skis....