Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Third Time's a Charm

I'm so bad. I just don't go to the bank anymore. It was bad enough when we had a bank in our grocery store. Now, the bank is not there anymore and so... now I really don't go to the bank. All of our banking is done electronically.

This is a bit problematic because Lulu and Bro were given Christmas money to start a savings account.

1st trip to the bank (in a timely fashion) - I was told that I needed to have their ss#s, which I did not have, so I had to come back.

2nd trip to the bank (beginning of May) - Got to the very end of the transaction and was told that my license had expired... just one day ago.

3rd trip to the bank. - You know what they say? The third time's a charm.

Kids? Check.
SS#s? Check.
Valid ID card? check.

Lulu introduced Bro to a bank tradition - the lollipop. Note: This is Bro's first lollipop.

Lulu took Bro on a little stroll around the bank while Napmom opened the accounts.

I think that he wore her out. Luckily the bank was empty today.

Bro filled out all of his paperwork.

And he listened patiently to Lulu's advice about the benefits of saving NOW for college.

Bro waited patiently...

... while Lulu added up their deposit totals.

We did it! Sorry that it took so long to get to the bank, but I think that this was a successful trip. Next? Lulu wants her own credit card. Oh my!


SusieQ said...

I can't believe you ( who is so methodical and thinks of everything) went without the SSNs.. Hahaha!!! And was that your Driver's License that exired? I would feel like I had a huge sign on my car that said "driving without valid operator's permit"..
A credit card?? She wants her own credit card??? WOW! Times have really changed.. My mother didn't even have a credit card!!

Nap Mom said...

Yes, MY driver's license expired. It was a busy session.

And yes, Lulu wants her own credit card... desperately.