Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm So Competitive

We had a great time at trivia last night. The grab bag categories (a small sampling of questions in each round will be from these categories) were Great Expectations (classic book) and the Breakfast Club (80s movie).

Unfortunately, I was confused so I studied Grapes of Wrath instead of Great Expectations. How well do you remember Great Expectations?

1. What was the name of Miss Havisham’s estate?
2. What was the name of the convict who befriended Pip?
3. What was the job that Pip was projected to have when he grew up?
4. Parts of Great Expectations were published in two editions of a periodical in 1860. What was that periodical?
5. I forgot what this question was.

So, you see, obviously these were hard questions (for someone who hasn't read the book in 20 years) and obviously I needed to study. Oh well.

Other questions that I remember are:

1. In what part of your body is the labyrinth found? (I knew this one actually - lucky guess.)
2. What animal lives in a formicarium?
3. Who was the only bachelor American President? (Ben Franklin was our guess.)

It was fun to go and it makes for a cheap date night. We eat dinner ahead of time (grilled cheese and vegetable soup last night - napmom was really in the cooking mood) and just sit for drinks at the restaurant. I think that we are going to try to go the first Monday of every month. That sounds reasonable, right???


Great Expectations Answers:
1. Satis House
2. Magwitch
3. Blacksmith
4. All the Year Round

Other Answers:

1. Ear
2. Ant
3. James Buchanan (Apparently, Ben Franklin had a common law marriage with Deborah Read AND -drum roll please- he was never a President. Hello??? Maybe I had too many drinks at this point. No, wait - I wasn't drinking.)

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SusieQ said...

How funny! I couldn't believe it when you said your answer was Ben Franklin! But I didn't know any of those answers.. I think I read Great Expectations about 50 years ago.. It would be all new to me now!