Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Slow Cooker Success

Just incase you want to know how many individually wrapped treat packs of candy corn I have had this morning... the answer is 6.

Oh, but you REALLY wanted to know about dinner. Yes, dinner was awesome... of course!!! I did not smell burnt chicken when I walked into the house. Yippee!

After I verified that our dinner was not burnt, I loaded our counter top with lots of other goodies from the kitchen:
tortilla wraps
tortilla chips
shredded cheese
sour cream (or "our keem" as Bro likes to call it)
spanish rice

... and we all made individual chicken tacos for ourselves. Voila!!!!!

Easy Peasy!

Where did I find this great recipe? (Frozen chicken breasts + 1 jar of salsa + cook on low all day long) I have to credit according to Kelly for the recipe idea. Thanks Kelly... even though you have no idea who I am.

Secondly, Yummy Mummy has these great and fun printables on her blog. I printed out the lunch survey and put it in Lulu's lunchbox today. I rolled it up and tied with a cute yellow ribbon and attached a pencil. It is either going to be a big hit... or really embarrassing. Lulu has no idea that it is in there. I can't wait to see what type of reaction I get.

Thirdly, I don't know how to put my e-mail address on this blog... some sort of widget or something... looked at my settings... can't find it... tried to google it... whatever... I am going to create a little something for my sidebar. In the meantime, you can always reach me at


Michele Horne said...

Awww, I am so excited you mentioned me. And thank you for your email address! Let me know how it goes with your daughter and the survey.

fairgrandmother said...

So the round slow cooker worked! Awesome!