Monday, October 26, 2009

Does it really do that? A Product Review

Let me give you a little run down of my life... you tell me if YOU would be stressed?

Bought a new house.

Still trying to fix up (paint/spackle/tile - all of the stuff we have been ignoring for years) the current home... cause we need to sell/rent it.

Trying to move (i.e. drowning in boxes of "stuff"). Seriously, we are boxing up the clutter. The boxes are labeled as such: beside the bed clutter, on the dining room table clutter, and kitchen counter clutter, just to name a few.

Dear Husband wants to sort through the clutter before we box it up. I told him that time is NOT on our side and we do not have the luxury of sorting through all of this stuff ahead of time. We will have to pack up the clutter and take it with us. [Insert picture of the Beverly Hillbillies here.]

Note: While we fix up and box up... we have to achieve and maintain a "perfect home" atmosphere at all times... for anyone who will want to come look at the house... to buy or rent.

Ahem... next time you take on 10 million home improvement jobs AND boxing up stuff at the same time... imagine also trying to simultaneously maintain an immaculate home. Easy? No - I think NOT!!!!
To top it off, I also signed up to be the troop's cookie mom (WAY before I knew that we were going to be moving) and took over control of and distribution of 113 cases (1,356 boxes) of Girl Scout cookies.

I am also a pregnant... exhausted... mother of two.

There is a silver lining here...
1. I am in possession of a working crock pot (finally).
2. I have discovered the world's best cleaning agent. (Okay - a neighbor told me about it. Napmom is way to smart to fall for the claims of a so-called magic eraser - side grin)

The magic eraser has taken years of grime off of almost every surface in my house. It doesn't contain any dangerous chemicals - check snopes if you don't believe me - which is good because I shouldn't be near harsh chemicals. And, it requires little to NO elbow grease. :-)

It turns your grout white and look what else it will do... "remove adhesive residue after removing stickers." Fabulous!!!!!

Check here for a list of hundreds of uses for this one small, but truly magical eraser.

Do you have a great cleaning tip that we should all know about? Am I the last one on the planet to hear of these all-time-best-ever "magic erasers"? What am I going to do when I don't have these wonderful neighbors to tell me about these sorts of things??? Really?


bala said...

Good Stuff!!

1800 said...

I am under the impression that we are in the same situation. I bought a new home recently, trying to paint it new and change the ceiling with brand new one. I am also looking to wind up the things before the Christmas. Coming to the product the magic eraser, I have never used it till now; since you gave some positive remarks on that product I will use it in the near future.

Michele Horne said...

Wow, I think you just might be the last person to discover magic erasers! With 3 kids, I can not live without them! My newest trick is Goo Gone. It works like magic to remove the grease from my stainless steel stove hood... and it gets REALLY greasy and grimy.

SusieQ said...

And I tried the Magic Eraser and got nowhere with it... gave the other one away! Oh, well... Now to find some Goo Gone and try it!!!!