Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last week we were at the corn maze with Fairy Grandmother.

This week... fun, fun, fun... we took Grand Matriarch to the pumpkin patch (ahem... where she claimed - see comment in the corn maze post - that she would never go).

Have you ever seen so many sunflowers?

... and so many pumpkins???

There were plenty of activities for everyone including a scavenger hunt for Lulu -

- and big pumpkins for Bro to try to lift.

Will we ever find our way out of this maze?

The pumpkin house... what can I say... it's a tradition. I should try to find some old pics of Lulu in this house when she was just a wee pumpkin herself. Oh my gosh!

And... now... for my favorite picture of the day.... ta-da! Yep - I'll be using this one for an upcoming photo contest. :-) Isn't she so cute?


Mrs. Bird said...

Wonderful! Looks like so much fun. This is the experience I was looking for. I was so disappointed :(

SusieQ said...

Love the pictures.. that was so much fun going there with the kids.. and I lkove the way Bro just adores Lulu and follows her everywhere!!!