Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I plead my case to the jury.

In this post, I “plead my case” to the jury.

Friday night, the house was “clean.” Fairy Grandmother can attest to this.

Friday night, Dear Husband still took it upon himself to clean the whole house for the two “showings” that we had on Saturday.

Saturday, we were ALL out of the house from morning ‘til 9:00 p.m. So, the house was JUST as clean when we woke up Sunday morning as it had been since he last cleaned the already clean house on Friday night.

While I was at the grocery store Sunday morning, Dear Husband called to say that we had someone coming to see the house… and they booked a TWO hour window to come see the house… right during nap time… and they would be here in an hour.

Fine. So, I came home with the groceries and proceeded to put them away and figure out my day… away from the house… during naptime… with a toddler. I was not going to be cooking in my crock pot. I was not going to be packing up for the move. I was not going to get a nap myself… and I am a nap person… and I’m pregnant so give me some leeway here.

Keep in mind, also, that I have practically been a single mom for about 4 weeks now.

As I am grumbling and whining and putting away the groceries, Dear Husband is running through the house and cleaning… CLEANING WHAT????? And, then he proceeded to come into the kitchen and announce to me, “IF we even sell this house, it will be no thanks to y-o-u.”

{{insert picture of my hands wrapped around his neck}}

“Your Honor, the defense rests its case.”

Dear Husband still roams the Earth unharmed because he must have realized the error of his ways and he chose to spend the afternoon with Bro and me and then came h-o-m-e with us to do some work around the house.

He is still the best Dear Husband ever – and I love him to the moon and back again - nobody’s perfect.

Update: I think that we are moving this weekend. Yippee!!!!!


fairy grandmother said...

Hey you...what happened to the positive things in your for instance Wizard of Oz where we had a GREAT time... :-)

SusieQ said...

Oh, you have GOT to save this stuff and write a book later.. it is hysterical!!! And I am so glad you decided to let him live... great house-cleaners are hard to find!! Hahaha!!!!