Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inaugural Dinner & a Heartfelt Gift

I told you that we bought the new house, right? And that we still own our current house, right? mkay - so now you are ALL up to speed.

How blessed am I? Dear Husband has been putting some finishing touches on the new house and asked if I wanted to pick up the kids from school and come over to the new house and visit and let the kids run and eat some pizza. When I arrived, I found Dear Husband AND Fairy Grandmother AND Luvs2Boat in their work gear and working to fix up the house... what a blessing! There isn't too much to be done... there is a faucet issue in the main bath, a leaky sink in the kitchen, some discolored laminate flooring in the kitchen, heinous light fixtures, gross grey front door, antique thermostat, oh... and a rats nest of electrical cords in the attic. Lovely, eh? And, we are missing a dryer. Oh, and "we" (hee hee hee) need to install a microwave over the stove.

Thanks to the hard work of Fairy Grandmother, Lulu will have the nicest room in the house. I'm not kidding. Her room is getting a fresh coat of paint (we'll call it "Pepto Bismol Pink" paint... if you know what I mean), a new rug, fresh curtains, an updated light fixture, and those little touches that grandma's come up with that make ya feel so special.

Oh, but the momentous part of this whole night was... as we all filed into the kitchen stuffing our faces with pizza... using napkins as plates and allowing Bro to sit in the only seat in the house... I realized... this was our first family meal in our new home... and I don't even have a picture to show you... but it happened... it really did. Pizza -- no drinks.

Later, I packed up the kids and headed on home for a night of homework, baths, and bedtime. When I pulled up in the driveway, I was surprised to see a large package outside the door... addressed to Napmom (No, it didn't really say "Napmom" but I'm not revealing my real name to the whole world -- mkay?)... and in a Target box. I mean, I do my fair share of online shopping but could NOT remember what I ordered from Target... in such a large box... and fairly heavy as well.

Guess what?

You aren't going to believe this?

I have a Fairy Grandmother too -- you know her as Grand Matriarch!!!!!



Sent me.

A housewarming gift.

It is.

My very own slowcooker!!!!!!!
A working slow cooker!!!!!!

You can read all the great reviews for the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 slow cooker here. There are 71 4* and 5* reviews. There are a handful of 1* reviews, but they are mostly from people who didn't get what they ordered. Some people order the white set and get the colors and then vice versa. I don't know what Grand Matriarch ordered for me... but I got the colored set... which is gorgeous and the one I would have preferred if given the choice. Yippee!!!!!


Michele Horne said...

Uh oh, no more blaming the slow cooker when recipes don't come out right!

SusieQ said...

I would also have preferred the colored insets, but they were not offered when I purchased mine! Hope you enjoy using yours.. It is soo nice to come home and find dinner ready to eat! And you can fix the thing the night before and just put the bowl in the fridge.. I love mine!!