Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not A "Mommy of the Year" Moment

Today I cried.

I cried because I am busy.
I am busy because I have 1 husband a 1 set of parents who are working feverishly to turn our newly purchased house into a home for my family.
Thus, that leaves only me at home with the kids and the cooking... all the while making SURE to leave the house spotless 'cause a potential buyer might want to come see it at any moment.

Just yesterday, I had been out of the house for several hours while potential buyers were looking at the house. I finally got back home and put Bro to bed... when my husband called to say to get everyone out of the house... that potential buyers would be here in 15 MINUTES!!!!

Luckily, my mom told me that I could explain to the potential buyers that the baby was sleeping "yada -yada -yada" and ask if they could they open the door slowly/quietly. Turns out that I knew the agent with the potential buyers and this was their SECOND time looking at the house... so all of this went well.

AGAIN this morning - FIRE DRILL - more potential buyers coming to see the house - more scrambling to clothe, feed, play and so on... while keeping the house spotless... try it sometime - it sucks! (Sorry for the language.)

It gets worse...

let me set the scene...

Scrambling to get out of the house... going top the grocery store and then to the park to kill some time... standing in line at the grocery store... listening to Lulu on the phone tell her aunt, "... I'm going to a birthday party today."

F***!!!!! {{in my head}}

"The party -- Lulu -- I am so sorry -- I totally forgot about the party."

And then the realization that... this was a great party... to a place she had NEVER been before... it's new and cool... it started 15 minutes ago... it is somewhere I have never been... we don't have directions... we don't have the permission form... it's a rock climbing party... Lulu is currently dressed like a pop diva... we can't go home... the "potential buyers" might be there... we need to get the form... get directions... get dressed... {{my little mommy heart deflates}}... it just ain't gonna happen today. Worst of all... Lulu took it like a champ... she was so sweet... making me feel even worse... why is she so wonderful?????

So, I grabbed what we were having for lunch (cheese popcorn and Gatorade) and headed out to the car. On the way home, I called another mom to see if Lulu could go over to play.

I put Bro down for a nap.

And I cried.

I can't believe that I was so self-absorbed that I totally forgot about the party. I feel like crap.

I called the birthday girl's mom -- apologized profusely -- heard all of the fun in the background -- cried some more -- and the mom was really cool about it.

Soooo... I'm barely keeping it together today... how 'bout you?


mimbles said...

I have tears in my eyes for you. I've done exactly that, been so exhausted and distracted that I've completely forgotten a birthday party that one of my kids was invited to. And yeah, I felt like the lowest of the low. *hugs*

Lulu is an absolute treasure and it's obvious she understands how much pressure you're under at the moment. She's forgiven you, be kind to yourself and do the same.

Having a house on the market does suck, but I sometimes think the expectation that the house will look like no-one actually lives there at every moment is really rather ludicrous. When we sold our previous place our agents told us not to worry too much - I had one couple come and look through the place while I was folding a mountain of washing on the dining table. If someone likes the house they won't be deterred by evidence of habitation ;-)

Nap Mom said...

Mim - you rock. thanks for the words of encouragement. the kids are upstairs and i came down to the computer... hoping that someone had read my post... and understood. now with this little burst of energy... I shall return to my lovely children... baths... homework... and so on. Thanks again!

SusieQ said...

I really do feel sooo sorry for you, knowing what all you have to do and how you feel.. but I have been laughing like crazy.. Can't help it.. You NEED to save all this stuff and write a book!!!!