Friday, May 21, 2010

... and life goes on...

My life has been crazy now that we added baby Brielle to the mix.  


As far as sleeping goes... my choices are CO-sleep or NO-sleep.  hahahahah - okay... NOT funny when you are the person going through it.  But, we've all been there so I'll stop my complaining... for now.

Other Family News

We are still watching hockey, as seen in the pics below, even though the Capitals are not in the playoffs.  Incidentally, the Capitals loss caused much grieving in the house, but Dear Husband was we were able to push through it.

Look closely... here is Bro's face when he doesn't want you to take his picture. 

And this is what happens when you bribe him with a chocolate chip.  {{Would I do that???  No!  Of course not.}}

Oh, and please ignore the big green ugly chair.  Yes, we know it's ugly... but it is so comfortable that it has earned itself some time in the main living area.  mkay???

And even Lulu joined in the fun.

Life as a real estate agent means that Dear Husband isn't always home in the evenings.  Recently, I had my first night at home with all of the kids {{ugh, there's that word again}}.  I felt like Superwoman as I made dinner for all of us and worked on helped Lulu with a MAJOR math project... while having a newborn attached to my breast the whole time.  

Lulu was such a mommy's helper.

Oh... and let me digress here for a moment.  See that book in that picture above?  It's a library book... a library book that probably cost me... oh... what do you think... maybe... about $5,000-15,000.  Yep... it's kinda a long story but when we applied for the loan for this house I was just a few hairs shy of getting the GREAT RATE... not the KINDA GREAT rate on my loan.  It turns out that I had a collection against me for a library book... a $50 overdue fine plus the cost of the book.  Without that library fine... I would have had the GREAT RATE... but I do NOT.  And so... in a round-about kinda way... that book {{coincidentally titled, What Moms Can't Do}} has cost me thousands of dollars.  I did not know the book was late nor did I receive a late notice - UNACCEPTABLE RUDE!  And, to be honest... I have not been back to the library since I learned of the book collection on my credit.  Just looking at that book fires me up! 
Moral of the story:  Return your library books folks!

Lulu also likes to spend time with Brielle too, but she is always so worried that Brielle will throw up on her, which she does often. 

Coming Up:  Napmom plans some birthday fun for Lulu and will reveal Lulu's birthday cake design request.


SusieQ said...

I love the pictures with Bro having his arms around Bri.. that is sooo sweet! And there is nothing wrong with that green chair.. I liked it! Of course, green is my favorite color! These are really great pictures.. Lulu is like a second mommy to the little ones!

Fairy Grandmother said...

Don't ya think you would return that library book? Give it here...I will take it back! XO

T.J. said...

Lulu and Bri are just adorable!!!! I used to have such issues with the library back in Pa, but luckily here in Vt they are all kinds of laid back- phew!!!!!

Glad to see things are humming along smoothly- I mean newborn smoothly- in your house although the math situation would have been sheer torture for me! Sending you peace and calm vibes- oh, and a compliment to Lulu's Peeps shirt- love it!!!!!