Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthday Plans

Lulu has a birthday coming up.  We are gonna be low-key this year and invite 3 of her friends to dinner as well as my parents and her dad's parents... and her dad, of course.

So, I have to totally get ready for this party during this upcoming week.  This also means that I need Dear Husband to put together the trampoline that we got her for her birthday.  I also ordered her an insane amount of shaped rubberband bracelets.  While the rubberband-bracelet craze started over a year ago out West (I think), Lulu thinks that she started the craze here because she was the first person she knows to have them.  I accidentally stumbled upon the bands online one day and ordered them for her.  Next thing I knew... everyone had them... although I am sure that the craze was here before she got her bands.  Even one of the Survivor contestants (Tyson) was actually wearing one during the Survivor finale show.  I hope she likes the sets that I picked out for her.  Some of them came from her rubberband-bracelet wish list... a few were some new ones that that I found online.

Here is her rubberband theme wish list.  Note the few little items on the side... yes, it actually says, "nook/ipad."  Yeah right!  She's not getting a ipad for goodness sake.

The birthday and hipster sets are brand new.  Em LOVES peace signs so I know that she will love the hipster set. 

This birthday set picture is not that good.  I think that these bands are actually clear with glitter.

Her birthday cake request this year is... drum roll please... zebra hair bow.  I bet ya didn't see THAT one coming, did ya?  She loves zebra prints right now.  You can see her hair bows (some with bits of zebra print) here and her zebra pants in the last picture of this post.  She also has a zebra jacket and shorts, just to name a few.  So, yes, I have to make a zebra hair bow cake.  You can stop laughing now.  :-)

I'm also half-tempted to make some cupcakes with these printable toppers from an Etsy seller.  Actually, I'd prefer to just make the cupcakes but I know that Lulu will never let me get away with that.  :-)  Maybe I could serve cookies-n-cream ice-cream to go along with the zebra/black and white theme.  Huh?

Anyone here ever made a zebra print cake?  Do you have any other easy/inexpensive cheap ideas for the zebra theme?  


SusieQ said...

Made a zebra cake??? Has anyone even heard of a zebra cake??? Not in my world.. hahaha!! But of course, I never heard of Batwoman either....

Fairy Grandmother said...

I was thinking that for the cake you could first draw what you want and then kind of trace it on the cake...I see your cake decorating aunt doing that and it turns out great. Just a thought...I will think about other zebra related ideas...sounds like fun.