Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Naps... grammar... peonies... and Bri

Every day I wake up thinking that I am going to get a nap... and most often I do not get that nap.  This isn't to say that Brielle isn't cooperating with my nap schedule (because she sleeps all day long - which means that she tests my love for her parties all night long), but I just love the "freedom" that I have in the mornings and then I inevitably have some sort of afternoon obligation... which means... I don't get a nap, despite my efforts.

Today, for example, I took some sheets out of the dryer and made the beds (ours and the kids').  I prepped for dinner and made dessert (banana pudding in my little Tupperware cups).  Then, I made spaghetti for the kids to have in their lunch boxes tomorrow and I emptied the dishwasher... just to name a few.  Oh, plus I took a shower AND styled my hair - oh my.  **Is it ticky-tacky to refer to my children as "kids"?  When I hear people say "kids" I think of baby goats.  But, calling them my "children" seems awfully formal/snooty to me.  Thoughts?**

Admittedly, I watched some Martha Stewart.  Today she opened her show with, "Welcome.  The peonies are in peak bloom."  And, they are.  Here is a peony bush that traveled from my husband's grandmother's house in West Virginia, to our previous home in Crofton, and now is here with us in our new home. 

Yesterday, I took 50 pictures of baby Bri.  Here is my favorite pic.

Grammar check: 
Do you refer to your children as "children" or "kids"?  I must know.


SusieQ said...

Mine were always kids and it's too late to change now! My folks referred to us as kids as long as they lived.. even when we were grandparents! And we never thought of ourselves as goats...

fairy grandmother said...

I say "kids" even though I only had one...I still refer to "kids" as "kids"...and I love that picture of Brie!! Love it! XO

mimbles said...

Kids, definitely kids. Maybe I'd feel differently if we had close association with goats...but I suspect not.

Gorgeous photos, both of flowers and of Bri :-)

Nap Mom said...

Kids? Really? Hmmm... I can get used to that I suppose.