Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

This is the quick and dirty summary of Christmas morning in my house.  This is so typical... why do I even bother... ahem... moving on...

First things first, Santa left each {{walking-abled}} child an ornament, which they hung on the tree.  Lulu got a cardinal (the mascot of her cheer team) and Bro got a tractor (because he's gonna be a farmer someday).

Lulu and Brielle proceeded to enjoy the morning and opening gifts.

Bro refused to open his gifts.

I mean r-e-f-u-s-e-d.

Finally, he warmed up to the idea of opening gifts. 

And he finished opening his presents while Lulu hooked her gift up to the computer...

... and Brielle found something to sooth her aching her gums.

Tip:  While you see some wrapped gifts underneath the tree, Santa's gifts (which is most of the gifts) were wrapped in reusable fabric sacks that I made.  This is not only ecofriendly but it really kept down on the clutter and mess to clean up after opening the gifts.  Providing Santa Sacks for Santa to place his gifts in is a secret that needs to be unleashed.  We will always provide sacks for Santa.  There was a noticable difference in our morning because of the lack of mess, paper, and general clutter.

You can make your own Santa sacks or buy them.  Apparently Michaels craft store was selling extra large (and festive too) sacks for $2.99 each.  You can't go wrong with Santa sacks.   


Mrs. Bird said...

Love the Santa Sack idea!!!

SusieQ said...

The Santa sacks are a fantastic idea.. wish I knew about it many years ago!

What gives with someone who does not want to open gifts? I would probably have put them away somewhere until he decided he wanted them!

Jennette said...

I love the sacks, too!

Anonymous said...

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