Monday, December 27, 2010

Teacher Gift

So... I have never had a baby in daycare before.  I never thought I would let these daycare people take care of my baby.  I never... well... let's just say... I never thought that any of the daycare stuff would work for me.  Until I met Rita and Becky (names have been changed to protect their identities).  Rita and Becky are Brielle's daycare providers.  I love them so much.  Brielle lights up and starts shaking with glee when she sees them.  Can I even begin to tell you how much this means to me?  No, I cannot.  Can I begin to tell them how much they have made a difference in Brielle's life and in ours?  No, I cannot.  All I can do is make a small token of my appreciation... and so I did.  I made these patchwork quilt scarves for Rita and Becky. 

Each scarf was given to the teacher with this note:

Dear Ms. Rita and Ms. Becky:

These scarves are your Christmas present gift from me.  My mommy made these scarves for you for Christmas but finished them later than expected.  Nonetheless, I want you to explain to you the meaning behind the patches used for this patchwork scarf in hopes that you can see how much you mean to me.

The red patch is for your energy and ability to keep up with me all day long (especially since I only take one nap a day).

The yellow patch is for your sunny temperament which really makes learning a pleasure.

The green is because I am  little sprout and your nurturing helps me to grow each day.

Blue is for the way you shower me with encouragement and love.

Most importantly, your scarf has a patch of hearts on each end to remind you that I love you, not only as a teacher but also as my friend.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Baby Bee

Pictures of Bri modeling the scarf were enclosed.

It's just a small, small, small way to say thanks.

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Fairy Grandmother said...

Mindy, I just love the scarf and what a sweet picture of Baby b!