Saturday, January 7, 2012

All New Low

I hit an all-time low.

In my attempt to find something quick, easy, creative, and yummy for dinner...

I did this.

Yes.  That is a corn dog hot dog in a corn muffin and baked in a flower mold.

Bro asked, "So mom?  This is a hot dog in a muffin?"

Why, yes Bro, it is.

What?  Did I hear you say that you want the recipe?

Well, sure I will share! {{Just don't tell anyone that I did this.}}


Make corn muffin mix according to box directions. {{Yes, the mix was from a box.}}
Add cut hot dogs.
Cook according to box directions.

Tip:  Do not let hot dogs stick way out of the muffin tin or they will burn... like this.

Okay, so I know you didn't really want the recipe.  The kids and husband loved the meal... just sayin'.

Corn dog muffins - gross or not gross?

1 comment:

SusieQ said...

Definitely different.. and I think it is a cute idea.. Kids love that stuff.. The limp dogs are cute too!!