Monday, January 2, 2012

Grocery Goodness

Some people have "road rage."  I, on the other hand, have a serious case of "grocery store rage."  {{I'm just being honest here folks.}}  I don't particularly dislike going to the grocery store.  I don't know why I am so impatient while I am there.  Inevitably, there is a HUGE mishap that sends me running home with steam coming out of my ears.  Ask my family - they will confirm this - it has become a running joke.

Today was the first grocery run of the year!

Two great things happened while I was there:

1.  Almond milk makers finally came out with a single-serve, portable container of our favorite almond milk.  I look for this product almost every time I am in the grocery store.  Since many families and restaurants do not have almond milk (the only milk my two youngest children drink) on hand, there are times when a small, single-serve, transportable portion is extremely helpful!  Lookie!  Lookie!

2.  I saved 19% on my grocery bill and walked out having spent less than $100 total.  Yay!  The goal is always to stay under $100 but that doesn't always happen.  I used to save 5-10% on my grocery bills.  Now I am saving closer to 20% (or a tad more) on a fairly regular basis and sometimes one time I even saved as much as 30%.  The percentage savings has become like a game for me... a competition against myself.  The very first thing I do when the clerk gives me the receipt is scan it for the percentage savings... without fail!  It's like getting my "score" and the higher the score the better. 

Oh my gosh - I just had a great idea.  They should post your "score" over the grocery store door... and include a "top scores of the day" designation.  Wouldn't that be great???  You would have to buy a certain number of items to place though.  Like... it wouldn't be fair if someone came in and bought 1 buy-one-get-one-free set and left with a score of 50%.  Not fair!

Caught My Eye:

You know I like to comment on the products that catch my eye.
{{you also know you have totally boring blog when you highlight grocery store products - sorry folks}}

Check out the new-to-me cereal.

According to wikipedia, "Krave is a chocolate cereal made by Kellogg. It was introduced in the UK in 2010, marketed under the slogan "Taste Unleashed", later "Here Choccy Choccy". The adverts feature the cereal pieces hunting blocks of chocolate."

Kelloggs says, "Satisfy your inner chocovore with Kellogg's Krave™ Chocolate cereal. Inside each crunchy bite hides a smooth chocolate center.  So what are you waiting for? Get crunching!"

Krave does not look yummy to me.  Have you tried it yet?

What was your last grocery store "score"?
score = percent savings on your total bill


Deviled Megs said...

What in the world is that cereal? It does not look tasty at all....looks like a lot of sugar in a bowl.

Mrs. Bird said...

Chocolate is always Cereal is solo overpriced. I have a hard time buying it. I strive for a hundred dollars too...very rarely make the cut. I've never tried almond milk. Brooklyn seems to tolerate some milk these days...