Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joy Moments: A mom reflects on birthdays past and present

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I only had one kid {{okay, okay... it wasn't that long ago, I know}}. 

I started the tradition of making her birthday cake.  Every year she asked for another special cake from Mommy.  {{Well, except for this year she designed her own cake and a professional made it for her.  I was ditched.  I know.}}

Then Mommy got a job... a husband... a house to take care of... and two more kids. 

Mommy realized that all of this is a bit overwhelming... and Mommy decided to "say No" to homemade and time-consuming birthday cakes.  {{Silly tradition.}}

Making the type of homemade cakes that I make {{with my little skill}} requires baking the cake two nights before the party and then dedicating an entire evening to decorating the cake on the night before the party.

Making the birthday cake has turned into a joy buster... a total project... that I do NOT have time for... until NOW!

This year, for the first time ever, making the cake was not about doing something crafty or fulfilling an obligation... it was a labor of love.  {{Thank you Moms Club for this insight.}}  As I piped every little dot and squiggle {{squiggle = technical term... hahahaha}}, I thought about loving him and all of the little things he does that make me laugh and smile.  It was like four years of DVD replays were turning through my head... the whole time.

Wow!  I didn't know that was going to happen!

So, my project turned into a therapy session.  hahahaha!

What moment of joy surprised you this week?


T.J. said...

DOn't you love when things turn out like that? I mean, yes yes the cake is PERFECT!!!, but the unexpected memories coming through as you made it- so very sweet. Wowee that Mom's club! They are like your own cheer club and therapist rolled into one. I've got to find me a group out here!!!

Fairy Grandmother said...

What sweet thoughts...and that makes the cake so easy...not that it is easy but the sweet thoughts just make it nice! xo

Fairy Grandmother said...

How sweet it that...your sweet as your little boy!! xoxo

SusieQ said...

Maybe you can talk Fairy Grandmother into assisting.. one bake and one decorate! There are going to be a lot more birthdays!

My joy of the week is that I do not need a knee replacement right now! Just have a tear in the meniscus which can be "fixed" whenever I want.. that translates into whenever the pain is really bad! Right now it is doing fine....