Monday, January 9, 2012

Dinosaur terrarium

Dinosaur terrarium... also known as... the best time ever!

Ok... maybe not the best time EVER... but pretty darn fun for a Saturday in January.

We gathered our supplies...

... including the main cast of characters.

Big boy added one layer of rocks.

Here's the preserved sheet moss right out of the bag.

This is the preserved sheet moss after it was cut into a circle to fit inside the jar.
The sheet moss goes on top of the charcoal to keep the next layer (potting soil) from falling through into the charcoal and stones.

Big boy is placing the sheet moss on top of the charcoal...

... and adding the potting soil.

Finally, the first dinosaur was in his new home.

OH... here we have a certain boy declining to put the other two dinosaurs into the container now that Mommy told him he will not be able to play with them.  WHAT?

Luckily, big boy gladly placed the last two dinosaurs in the terrarium since Mommy reminded him that we have one trillion more dinosaurs in the house.

Home sweet home.

Now we have the top on the terrarium and it is sitting on our shelf in the living room.  More pics to follow.  I just hope it lives.  No one seems nearly as interested in it as I am.

Can you believe that I finally did it?


Michele Horne said...

Yay!!!! You did it. It is superfun, I love the dino take on things.

Mommy 24/7 said...

Lol..."No one seems nearly as interested in it as I am."

Fairy Grandmother said...

I love the change of his facial expressions when he decides he is okay with putting the dinosaurs in. It looks like a fun project!

Erin G. said...

It's great! I especially love the pic of your little man when he learned that the dinos were going IN the jar!

SusieQ said...

How funny!!! You really got me laughing with that face he made whenaa he knew they were in there for good.. no playing with them!!!