Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get Caught

My sources tell me that May is Get Caught Reading Month.

While Lu and Bro were very eager readers and would sit for bedtime stories on a nightly basis, Bri has been harder to nudge along. 

I've wondered why she doesn't love books like the other two did.  I asked her teachers if they thought she has a learning issue.  I took her to the pediatric eye specialist because I was CONVINCED that she could not see the pictures. 

Everyone said that she is normal.

Why oh why doesn't she like books? 

THAT IS NOT NORMAL {{to me}}!!!!!

Nonetheless, we keep up with the daily book routine.

We also created a book station of books she specifically likes:  farm animals, Barney the dinosaur, and interactive lift-the-flap books. 

Additionally, we have a consistent bedtime routine we follow every night.  It includes story time.

The first part of the nightly routine is pajama station - put your jammies on.

Next is teeth and potty station - go potty and brush teeth.

If the kids behave in station one and two, they move on to station three, book station.
We read three books in book station.  Book station is either on my bed or Bro's bed.
Sometimes the kids are separated for book station, so they each get some one-on-one time.  Sometimes we do this as a group.

Finally, we have song station.  Song station is in the kids' room.  We turn out the light and sing bedtime songs before it's time to go to sleep.

If the kids misbehave, fuss, or whine for pajama station or tooth station, they move directly to song station which means that they sit in bed and wait for me to come in and turn out the lights. 

Typically, we move through the stations seamlessly.   We really don't have many bedtime issues at all.

Just the other night, Bro was out with Daddy, but right after Bri finished tooth station I walked into the kitchen and when I came back to the room I saw little Bri looking at her books.

I felt like I won the lotto {{okay - not quite the same feeling but you get the general idea}}.

How wonderful that May is Get Caught Reading month because I continue to catch these kids reading and it melts my heart.

Yes, I still have more pictures to share with you.

Did you catch anyone reading yet?


Fairy Grandmother said...

I caught me reading...I started a book you recommended and could not put it down! It looks like she is warming up to the reading...that is great!

SusieQ said...

I always have 2 and sometimes 3 books going at one time.. might make up for someone else in our home who never reads books...