Monday, August 30, 2010


Ahh... as many of you know, we recently moved into a neighborhood close to where my parents live.  Living so close to them makes it super easy to buzz over to their house for a late afternoon boat ride.

Brody has been eager to go water tubing again (his second time this summer).  Every morning and every afternoon on the way to/from daycare we pass over the bridge close to where we go tubing... and every time we pass over that bridge Brody reminds us "I go tubing out there!"  "Yes, Brody, that's where we go tubing."  Then, "Luvs2Boat takes me tubing out there."  "Yes, Brody Luvs2Boat takes us tubing."  Finally, "I like tubing!"  "Yes Brody, tubing is very fun, isn't it?"  "Uh-huh, it is!" 

Last time Brody went tubing, Dear Husband got on the tube with him, of course.  And, Luv2Boat drove very slowly. 

This time, Bro got on the tube with Lulu... and they went a tad bit faster... but certainly not too fast for Lulu to be able to hold on to him.

We had a family friend visiting with us this day.  He's so fun to visit with.  Today, he brought over some of his camera equipment with him and was kind enough to take some photos of our fun day.  He was on the dock visiting with Fairy Grandmother and baby Brielle.

The dock was also a great place to be to capture some action shots of our most experienced tuber.

I don't know what we were all looking at in this picture.

Most likely, we were watching Lulu pose for the photographer... as usual.

I hope that you too are enjoying these last few days of summer.

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SusieQ said...

Love the pictures!