Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Conversation Cards

I'm back... and one day... someday... I will rehash the last few months of my life.  Until then, we will move forward in life starting with today.  mkay?

We are in the market for new dinner conversation cards

We completed the Food for Talk family pack

I think that I like the Table Topic cards best.  I can't decide which pack to get.  It's a toss up between the Original and Family Gathering.  Even though we won't be using the cards for a family gathering, the sample questions still seemed good for our family dinners.

I have been half-tempted to get the Couples cards for Dear Husband and I to use when Lulu is at her dad's house.  I had to laugh at the sample questions though.  They are:

•what possession of your partner's would you like to throw away?  Uh... that's easy... his motorcycle. 

•is it your similarities or your differences that attract you to each other?  Similarities.

•what's your favorite photo of your partner?  His facebook profile pic.

•do you eat differently when you're alone?  Not sure that I understand the question.  Like... do you mean... do I eat with chopsticks when he isn't around? 

•have obstacles brought you closer together or divided you?  Whew... tough question... I think that obstacles divide us at first, but then we work through them and so THAT makes us stronger.

•what's the dumbest argument you ever had?  Any arguement when he did NOT agree with me.  Honestly, the silliest arguments are when we are arguing about something that I know nothing about but I am TOTALLY making my point as if I am the WORLD EXPERT on the subject.  I think we had an article about anti-lock brakes, for example.  He ended up looking at me and shaking his head while saying, "you have NO IDEA what you are talking about" before walking away  Hey - but I argued with conviction.  Arguing is a favorite pastime of mine, ya know!
Here are some sample Family Gathering Cards.  These cards are printable from the Table Topic website.
Play along.  Answer one of these questions by commenting on this post.  I'll start.

"What trait do you get teased about by your family?"  Um... I am extremely argumentative... and a wee bit spoiled at times (but not so much anymore).  ;-)


Michele Horne said...

First off, we love conversation cards and books in our family. They are big around our dinner table. I will get back to you with an answer to the question as I think them over....

SusieQ said...

Argumentive? It is sooo in the genes of this family.. Your grandad and great grandad could argue for hours.. One made a statement and the other took the other side, whatever it might be!!

My favorite family story that should be preserved? I know everyone would not see the humor in it, but we did.. It was you and your "dinner cards" and the bucket list...