Saturday, August 21, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: The Brielle Edition

Ah... where to begin.

Brielle is doing well.  She has fairly bad acid reflux and I spend most of my time holding her in an upright/sitting position.  From time to time I do get to lay her down.

She loves, loves, loves to stare at her brother (who is off camera here).

She likes to swing at the toys hanging from her play arch.

She sucks her fingers too.  Emily was a thumb sucker, but Brody didn't do any of this.  I just think it's so cute.

Bri can finally sit up in her high chair... well, the high chair is tilted back.  This is great for me because now she has some place to sit {{and enjoy herself}} while I am in the kitchen.

Oh, and she is sleeping in her big girl crib now.  Bro likes to great her with a kiss each morning.

How are the siblings adjusting to the new addition?  Well, Lulu just adores Bri, of course.  Surprisingly, Bro loves her too.  He never says anything mean about her.  He loves to hold her, and touch her, and kiss her.  He especially loves to touch her.  He says, "she's so sooooft," when he touches her.  It is amazing to watch them together. 

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SusieQ said...

Hope all the loving continues.. it's tough when they fight all the time! They are just as cute as they can be!!!