Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Box Girls

OK - lots to say here!

First, we have a box of dinner conversation cards which Lulu makes us we use to start conversation at dinner. Otherwise, Lulu has to listen to DH and I talk about the economy, real estate market, and dumb news stories.

Currently, we use the lime green Table Topic family cards. We have been through the box two times now because these cards are so fun. It is time to search for some new cards and so I was searching the internet for a new set of cards.

I came across these gems from the box girls. I don't think that you get as much bang for your buck with the box girl cards, but they are WAY cute!

Plus, they have some really cute sets for little girls. They have a camp set (which I could use for Girl Scout camp or summer camp - I can't decide) and a relatively harmless truth-or-dare set (which will also help to keep the girls occupied after lights out at summer camp). For those of you who have not been a camp counselor recently... lights out = stay up and giggle all night long = be grumpy and irritable the next day. Maybe I'll get the cute birthday set for Lulu for her birthday since she loves conversation cards so much!

In the meantime, I ordered the Food for Talk cards to replace our current set. They seem to be a family-centered set of cards and there are 200 cards in the pack (compared to 52 cards in the box girl sets).

I'll let you know what we think about our new cards when we get them.


Grand Matriarch said...

I remember when Lulu's mom was Lulu's age and was a camper. Somebody (wonder who?) put a tape recorder under the bed and then the counselors went outside. Oh, do I wish I could find that tape again.. it was sooooo funny!!!

Manic Mommy said...

There's a similar set for sale through Scholastic. I happened to notice it at the book fair. I also love the game Lifestories. It wouldn't let me post the link to the game. Just google to find it.