Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Once upon a time, napmom was a little girl. True. And, napmom did a not so cool thing - as one reader will so clearly remember - she told everyone what they were getting for Christmas. Yep, she told all of her cousins and aunts and family friends what gifts they were getting for Christmas. As a result, she was forbidden to know what was in any of those packages for years to come. You see, napmom is not good at holding in surprises.

But I know something that someone else doesn’t know… and it’s driving me crazy!!!! I’ll be blogging about it soon. Until then, I’ll just have to remain silent.

How about you? Are you a good surprise keeper or do you always ‘let the cat out of the bag’?

p.s. Anyone interested in going to see the Cherry Blossoms this weekend? I'm not sure that I can drag Lulu out of the house but I'd sure like to try.

p.p.s. No - we aren't having a baby - it's not that kind of surprise.

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Grand Matriarch said...

You are so right... there is at least one person who reads this who knows a LOT about what you did when you were a little girl!! Hahaha!!!!