Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nails and other life events

Pop quiz.

Question: Do these nails belong to the same person?

Answer: Yes!

I was a nail biter when I was younger. I mean, I bit my nails down to my skin because I just had a habit of biting them all of the time. Lulu also bites her nails (as pictured above). She bites them more because she hates to see dirt collect under her nails so she bites the tips of her nails off. Lulu has been asking to get a french manicure, but you can't do a french manicure on a stub. Right?

Recently, she came home from her dad's house and announced that she had stopped biting her nails. Thus, I used a spa gift card that I had to take her to get her nails done.

I know, I know. This is quite a bit much for a 5th grader. I couldn't help myself. She stopped biting her nails and I promised her that I would take her if she stopped biting her nails.

My eyes were tearing up when the nail technicial started to apply the white tips (didn't know THAT was going to happen). My little Lulu is growing up so fast. Let the record show that I fully admit that I will cry my eyes out when she goes to college.

So, this has started me thinking about other life events... does anyone have any advice on how to handle these life events that signal her growing up? I am soooooooooo not ready!


Manic Mommy said...

E just attended his first sleepover and I about broke down crying. No fair these kids growing up! Well, the GROWING OLD part is inevitable I guess. But you should be particularly proud that Lulu is GROWING UP into an amazing lady. Great work Mama! And cute nails too! :)

Mim said...

Blue milk wrote a post recently about one of those "life events": There is always a story in your "first"

I've promised Caitlin a manicure if she can stop biting her nails too, hasn't worked yet.

Ariane said...

I'm 37 and still haven't had a french manicure...

But yeah, I second Mim's recommendation for Blue milk's book review.

I don't recommend my mother's approach to discussing sex:

(at about age 17 or 18)

Mum: I assume you are sleeping with (boyfriend)
Me: (mumbled) yes
Mum: Well you are being careful aren't you?
Me; (Indignant) yes!

This was the entirety of our "birds and bees" interaction, and it took place as I walked through the lounge room while she was ironing. I never even broke my stride.

Nap Mom said...

I read Blue Milk's book review. It sounds like it is definitely worth the read. Ariane - your story was priceless! Ha! I can only imagine! Love it!