Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best Effort

I am really trying to get some video of Bro walking. He doesn't walk that often. I kinda/sorta got some video of him walking here. You might remember that I said that he walks like Frankenstein: slow with his arms out front. Well, listen to his moaning in this video. It just accentuates his Frankenstein qualities.

I know, not that great, right. Well, I tried, again, to get some more video. This was the less-than-pleasant result. Note his oh-so-fake temper tantrum. Priceless!

The bottom line is that he is not near the ham that his sister is. He doesn't want to pose or perform for the camera. He wants to push the buttons on the camera. Which means that every time he sees the camera, he stops what he is doing to come take the camera away from me. So frustrating!

Here is a happy Bro. He's sitting in my rocking chair. He loves to rock in the chair, especially while reading books. He could (and has), in fact, sit here and look at these pictures and turn these pages for up to three hours (total time) in one day. This is, by far, his favorite activity (next to eating, that is).

Notice that he stops his reading/looking to point to the other books on the floor. I call him my little prince, making his demands from upon his throne.

Here is his favorite book, for now. He loves to feel the nest building up page-by-page and to see the mamma bird and her babies on the last page. Notice the big smile when he gets to the last page!

So, for today... no walking... lots of reading! Hopefully I'll have better luck next time.


Manic Mommy said...

Love his reaction to the completed nest. So sweet!

Sarah @ said...

There's a little kid in my family who does the same thing with the camera. I'm always trying to take the quickest candid I can without her noticing otherwise the moment vanishes like the wind lol.

Nap Mom said...

Yes, "vanishes like the wind" is exactly how I would describe it.

Nap Mom said...

Oh I do so remember The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back! I'd much rather read that then these very broing word books though.