Thursday, March 19, 2009


In a few weeks, the theme of the iheartfaces photo blog is going to be friends. Lulu has lots of friends, especially this one:

(I'm thinking about entering this picture in the contest.)
While I was looking for friend theme pics, I came across these gems that I just had to share.

Lulu and Gator (age 6ish) go to a party! They dressed the same, on purpose!
Lulu and Gator sell Girl Scout cookies.
Lulu and Gator make their annual Gingerbread houses.
Lulu and Gator on the boat.
Lulu and Gator go to the zoo!
Ahhhh... Lulu and Gator on top of a mountain - 1 mile above sea level. I sooooo wish that I had taken more pictures this day!

I;m thinking of editing this last mountain picture to include some kind of text... a short Bible verse perhaps??? See this picture as an example. Any suggestions?

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Katelyn said...

I LOVE the last one! That would be a great entry with or without text ;)