Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

Ah - the annual tradition of decorating gingerbread houses. Ever since the girls were very young, they have been decorating gingerbread houses with Fairy Grandmother. Some years the girls decorate during a large-ish gathering of friends and other years it is just Fairy Grandmother and her girls. Last year we had about 6-8 children decorating houses; this year was a small get-together with just the girls.

How great is this? Fairy Grandmother provides the houses (which she pre-assembles), candy, and icing (and a great breakfast this year). The girls provide the creativity.

Top house = Gator.
Bottom left = Fairy Grandmother.
Bottom Right = Lulu.

Rumor is that the girls were so excited about decorating that they decided to delay present opening so that they could keep working on their houses? Hmmmm....

Of course, no tween gathering is complete without showing off some mad texting skills. Note to self: I don't want to hear any comlpaints when it comes time to type out that next report. Those typing skills are just fine - as we now see!

Gator's brother, Jay Bird, stopped by to share in the excitement. What a cutie! Fairy Grandmother promises that next year Jay Bird and Bro are going to decorate houses too. OK - maybe in 2010.

We all have holiday traditions, but this is a special one for the girls and Fairy Grandmother. When I was young, I swear that Grand Matriarch used to let me open my gifts Christmas Eve, saving Christmas Day for the Santa presents, but she doesn't remember it that way. Do you have any special traditions that you shared/share with your grandparents?

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Mim said...

What fabulous creations:) And what a lot of gingerbread!

My grandparents weren't terribly hands-on with us as kids so no, I can't really think of anything that fits the descriptor of a tradition we shared.

My kids have gone to my mum's place 2 years in a row to help her put up and decorate her Christmas tree, I suspect that will turn into a regular occurrence. She's also coming over this afternoon for our own Gingerbread House building (just the one) which she did last year too. I find it only takes doing something twice for the kids to declare it a tradition that must be followed for all time lol